PlanetOcean FriendShip Association

Our association supports cultural and humanitarian projects.
Educating for the beauty and magic of life
“We are among those who believe that social change can not be changed without education, but an education based on the liberation of the human being and the enthusiasm to grow and learn and not fear failure. Allow the child to receive essential messages through the basics of life. We wish all our reason and our hearts an education that is not based on the fear of failure, but the enthusiasm to learn. An education that reveals the child itself while revealing the wealth, power and beauty the world has to offer if we are in vital alliance and not in an insatiable greed and destructive attitude. An education that abolishes the “every man for himself” to exalt the power of solidarity. Education where the power of each is to serve all. Because tomorrow may not be without the positive and constructive coalition which each of us is the custodian forces. “
Pierre Rabhi

With the latest technological developments the earth has never seemed so small. The distances seem not to exist anymore. Yet humans are still far from the Other …
Encounter the Other, such is the goal of “PlanetOcean Friend Ship” Association.

Our objective is to provide a medium for cultural and human exchange with those who will follow PlanetOcean trip from France or anywhere else in the world. The “PlanetOcean Friend Ship” Association has been created to support projects and weave long-lasting links between the children of the world.

Discover our three main actions:
Art-I-Stick Boat
Portraits of children, portrait of our Planet
Sails and Stars




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