Sails and Stars




Our ambition is to offer the experience of the big screen all too often supplanted by television.
Our programming choices available to all cultures and generations traces the evolution of comic cinema of the early classics to the contemporary animated films.
Thanks to the support and encouragements of directors and producers such as Lobster Films (Serge Bromberg), Aardman (Nick Park, R. Goleszowski, C.Sadler), TeamTo at each call PlanetOcean will relive the fabulous experience of outdoor cinema to discover forgotten treasures of Lumière, Méliès, Keaton, Chaplin, Tex Avery, Laurel and Hardy, Marx Brothers or last successful animated films such as Shaun the sheep, Oscar & Co to name a few. There’s no need to be a specialist to appreciate these jewels. And parents can relive old memories while they watch their children’s eyes light up.

Brava, Cabo Verde, first projection and big success….!  (click to see the video)




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