About PlanetOcean

Embark on PlanetOcean:

  • For a family sailing trip around the world, opting for a lifestyle that reduces our impact on the environment.
  • A trip to meet the children of the planet and the planet of our children
  • Emotional and physical challenges
    This project is the culmination of several years of planning. In our minds, sailing is a “school of life” which teaches respect, humility and patience. It also teaches perseverance, discipline and respect for nature’s elements and our planet.”When navigating, we learn to appreciate and respect the forces of nature, to see how the earth works and how we humans, must protect it. We learn to cultivate our good sense, to build confidence. The best part about this is that learning is so natural, that we do not even realize we’re learning. We thought we were making a simple sailing trip…!”
    Thanks to our multimedia diary, children will be able to follow and share in this extraordinary journey. They will discover the importance of diversity (biological, cultural, etc. ..) and of cultural exchange. They will experience all of the riches our planet has to offer through the eyes of other children.

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