Summer 2012, Les Saintes and The Grenadines (west indies)

kitesurf3For those who do not know, know that it has nothing to do with either syrup or with fruit. These are the southern islands of the West Indies and there are 2 country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. They have the advantage of being out cyclonic area (it does not mean that there is never a cyclone).
The Grenadines are known for their scenery worthy of the most beautiful postcards. We had the pleasure of welcoming board several families who have discovered these remarkable white sandy beaches under the coconut trees, swimming with turtles, eagle rays, sharks the sleepers (inofensifs!), explore the famous coral Natural Park the Tobago Cays, discuss spirituality with dreadlocks and make necklaces of seeds and shells sipping a piña colada.
DSC_0590 PTDC0401  PTDC0410

In short, the Grenadines, we do not talk as well as smiles and amazed eyes of all those who came to share with us these unique islands.

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