November 2013, 2 years at sea!!!

November 11th, 2013

Today we begin our 3rd year on Planet Ocean. Easy to remember, we started on 11/11/2011.



To all of you constantly repeating us NOT to return ( saying that it is the crisis in France and Europe, suffering from recession, rainy and cold days), to continue our journey even if you miss us very much.
To you my friends, my family who support us without any limit. Note that this crazy adventure can be lived fully and peacefully because you accompany each of our days, our emotions, our expeditions in the heart of nature, mankind, life. Since the beginning of this adventure we feel inspired by your love, surrounded by all of you, it gives us wings.

So to you all, I promise to enjoy every moment of our adventure, the richness of our encounters, the beauty of the world, as well as the difficult moments, fears, doubts, or the stress that this lifestyle may includes as well.

Given the current economic situation in Europe (and elsewhere, I can assure) , we decided to continue or adventure a few more years. How many? Who knows? Let’s not look too far, the future is now, so we just enjoy it and we’ll see where winds carry us .
The passage of the Panama Canal is planned for 2014. Then it will be The Galapagos, the Marquesas, and long navigations in the Pacific!
Bye for now….

Stephanie and Olivier

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