February 2012, Martinique – Le Marin

This long layover in Martinique was like a homecoming. We had our bearings and Olivier had stayed there two months when we bought PlanetOcean, 2 years ago.
Our first week in Martinique was the reunion of Noé with his great school-friend Anatole and for us with our friends from Bordeaux or Martinique.
Thanks to exceptional weather conditions we could visit the wild coves north of the island at the foot of Mount Pelée (funny name for a volcano now covered with dense rainforest). Anchoring in Anse à Voile, Anse Couleuvre and Anse Céron gave us the appearance of explorers.

Noé took advantage of the clear waters to do his first swim alone and to swim from the beach to the boat with his dad (and his buoys to reassure grandmothers!). This is also where I made ​​my first mask and snorkel exploration with him. It is so exciting to be able to share these underwater discoveries with my son. He applies himself to do the basic diving signs and shows us with excitement (and sometimes a bit of apprehension), schools of fish that pass around us. On the way back to the south, near the ancient capital of Martinique, St Pierre, dolphins came to us to say hello.

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