February 2012, back to Martinique

Le Marin, February  21-22nd
I admire the patience, tenacity, and skill of positivism of my captain. Sometimes mechanic, electrician, plumber, refrigeration or fiber glass engineer. He pampers, heals and repairs PlanetOcean that thanks to him, is getting a second life. I feel a bit powerless to these technical problems that have become Olivier’s daily problems.
But hey ..
Today we have a beautiful instrument panel, a brand new electrical charging circuit, the jib is fixed. We just have to change our batteries and Olivier will only have to blow into the sails.
Oh no !… Just as we thought we were out of trouble, one engine inverter port gets stuck again. Back in the engine room for Olivier who as to pull everything apart, lift the engine, release the jaws and put everything together. In total, it’s half a day in the engine room by 38 degrees with a gentle diesel fragrance.

Meanwhile, on land it is Carnival, another unique experience on the “Island of Flowers”. The week before the day of the ashes is punctuated by daily “vidés” (meaning “parades”) with a different theme each day.

Black and red “vidé”, Pyjama “vidé” at 5am; Black and White Ghosts “vidé” on the last day which is the last parade during which we walk “vaval” (Mr. Carnival) in the streets that will be buried the same evening.

The parades were across the little town of Le Marin. A sound truck and a percussion group with a few hundred people (maybe thousand) disguised forming the “vidé”.
But the atmosphere was at the rendezvous, warm, simple and of course very festive. The kids enjoyed it very much although the sound was too loud to the taste of Camille. Noé hallucinated seeing adults dressed this way, dancing, singing in the streets. A little shy at first, the atmosphere gradually took of him and he ended up joining the parade with me and dance to the rhythm of drums.



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