March 2012, Dominica the “little Savage”

March 2012
When I tried to imagine the Caribbean before going there,
I imagined dense and green forests, mosquito-infested, flowing on the beaches with coconut palms. Martinique, especially in the North, gave us a good overview of the lust green, but in Dominica we truly enjoyed a breathtaking nature.

We anchored in the north of the island (away from the tourist) were we also found a good and safe anchorage allowing us to leave the boat for the day and explore the land.






There we met again with “Rivière” a friend-boat that Noé and Camille are always delighted to see. The first excursion was on the Indian River, Tom and Noé followed our boat with their kayak.

    We then discovered a decor worthy of a movie set (many passages of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was filmed in Dominica), huge Mangle trees were rooted in the river drawing strange shapes.

As we approach, crabs hids and birds, the country emblematic green parrots (yet still invisible ), get suddenly silent. No doubt were are in the middle of a scene of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, smoothly gliding on the river that takes us always deeper in the dense forest!

The next day we left for another trek in the forest with a guide called Sam. A fount of knowledgethis Sam as he taught us a lot about the local flora and fauna and helped us discover the wonders of his country. Sam, thank you again for your generosity!
The program “Waitukubuli national trail“.
Its trees: Mangle, Bwa Blan, Lawye Kaka, Chatannyé, Loliv (not joking, see pictures)


Other plants of all kinds: Ferns (some of 10 meters high), lianas, Zel Mouche (means“wingfly”, Noé tested them, (see pictures), Epiphytes of all kinds.       




And other animals such as multicolored lizards, giant ants and elephants !???Then Sam took us along wild rivers to find the ideal place for swimming in the clear and fresh waters of “Chaudière Pools“.
After all these days on the sea,what a joy to soak up the smell of the earth, feeling it’s strength and energy back into our feet and invading our bodies.


We took advantage of this break in the “garden of the Lesser Antilles” to get a full dose of vitamins with delicious grapefruits, small bananas, papayas, gospoes, and mangoes picked right onthe tree!


We also had the opportunity to go into the Caribe Indian territory to organize cinema screenings in schools. Their the population was even more welcoming and so enthusiastic! Their laughter still echoes in our hearts.


“Dominica the little savage”, we already miss your fireworks of beauty and love!
Olivier & Stephanie

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