Epidemic on board!!

Saturday, February 25th.
We are all set, ready to welcome on board my family. I’m so happy for the children too who will finally be able to share their new life. I hope My mum, dad and sister enjoy their stay.

Wednesday, February 29th

Vincent left us this afternoon. Noé was all moved, too emotional to come to say goodbye on the deck. We all have a heavy heart and this ball again that tightens our throat. Vincent shared our life, our daily ups and downs of this crazy adventure for two months. We had come to forget that one day he would leave to continue HIS crazy adventure to Peru. Goodbye Vincent and comeback to see us soon!
Tonight René complains of a sore throat, he has a sort of cold starting. Hum! … He thinks he caught it on the plane. That did not stop him from swimming with us in the crystal blue lagoon of Saline cove this afternoon. First time I see René swim!!

Thursday, March 1.

René doesn’t feel good at all. . He coughs a lot. It has a high fever and I find him very weak. I can not believe in a simple pharyngitis. I’m worried. Hum! … If tomorrow there is no improvement, I take him to the doctor.
It’s raining non-stop since last night. We anchored in Anse d’Arlet, but it’s raining so much that we can’t even see the shore. Everyone finds a pastime.The children are doing quite well with long sessions of Lego “constructions” or storytelling.

Friday, March 2, Anse d’Arlet.
Weather conditions seem to be improving. René has a slight fever but I find him very weak. He does not want to go and see a doctor, he prefers to rest. The rain has stops, sun is even shining, we take this opportunity to disembark and leave the boat a little more quiet for René to sleep. After a short tour of the market, the children have a tremendous time at the beach and proudly shows their aunt and grandmother the new progress they made in swimming.
Friday night .. Fanou complains of a headache and sore throat. She has a fever! I fear the flu epidemic!
Saturday, March 3rd, Anse Noire.

It is a “carnage” aboard PlanetOcean! While René slowly recovers, Camille is more than 41 degree Celsius fever since last night, this morning Noé woke up with a 39.5 °C and I, 39 °C.
No doubt, It is the flu!!
One of these flu that goes straight to your lungs and terraces you. That flue we always escaped from in France! GGGrrrrr! What a pity for Fanou and René. Olivier and Catherine seem to get through, thanks to their daily glass of Rhum!

Tuesday, March 6th.
Again this burning ball that tightens my throat, I can not breathe. No, it’s not because of this damn flu … It is the emotion. The emotion of the farewell. My parents are leaving with my sister … I do not know when I will see them again.
We chose to leave to this new life, but we often miss our loved ones and our family. You can not have everything and every choice has its advantages and disadvantages. It is not always easy to follow ones dreams. Through this blog, we try tobring eachof you closer to reduce a little this feeling of estrangement.

In this beautiful evening in the tropics, hot tears streaming down my cheeks. Tears of love, tears of life.


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