“Larguer les amarres”

10th November 2011

We have long dreamed of this adventure, then we talked about it before preparing it.
Now here we are at the foot of the wall, or should I say at the end of the pontoon … ready to go.
Often I wondered what one could feel the day before such a big departure, the big leap into the unknown. And here we are.

Caught in the whirlwind of final preparations I find myself almost forgetting the departure.

I can not say goodbye to my family, maybe because I do not really realize, or to protect myself from these waves of intense feelings that are sometimes overwhelming and invade me at the last kiss to my sisters or parents, when calling a very close friend under the rain on the pontoon.
After these two weeks aboard PlanetOcean, the boat has become our home, the children found their bearings and everything seems strangely normal, almost routine.

Tomorrow morning at sunrise we’ll untie the ropes of the boat, but I realized tonight that the journey has already begun. But when exactly it’s hard to say? The day we decided to leave, or when we bought our boat? Or maybe when we were renovating her, no, the day we returned her to the water … or when we put all our stuff in boxes and sold the surplus, or even when we moved out of our empty house and left our friends and hometown …

These moorings that we’ll drop tomorrow are actually the latest in a long series.
As to prepare for this new life, we dropped the professional, administrative, physical, emotional moorings but we are stronger today even if we feel vulnerable and a little bare.

Tonight, alone in the quiet square in the boat, the children are asleep, the captain is doing the final preparations on deck and I’m glad to feel you all here beside us. Many of you support us, encourage us and warn us. Thank you to all off you!

We promise to be humble in front of the sea and very careful, to live intensely this adventure and share it with you all the best we can.

You can follow us through Facebook: “planetocean boat” or our blog:
www.planetocean-adventure.com (which is not yet fully up to date but it will come …).

Tomorrow the first step, Canet en Roussillon, Rosas or Cadaques in Spain and the Balearic Islands this weekend.

Metzinger, Stephanie Kirchmeyer
cell +33 (0) 662 735 621